Wednesday, August 20, 2014

It's Simply Magical

Math.  In our home math has almost become a bad word.  My daughter HATES math, while her younger brother LOVES it.  Samuel has no issue with math other than he dislikes having to actually sit down and write out answers.  It comes easily and naturally to him and he excels in it.  Most math he can do in his head, but for the sake of knowing the how-to of math, I make him work it out.  {He really doesn't need to, but no one tell him that, m'kay?}  This further irritates his sister, who while is incredibly smart, she has to work her math.

So this week I really wanted to just chuck the curriculum and do some practical math.  I am eclectic homeschool mom, who would really like to turn totally unschool mom, but I have an addiction to planning. No really, I may need an intervention.  The feel of my planner, the pencils and colored pens for color coding, laying out lessons. . . . Where was I?  Oh yes, the kind of math used in everyday life, how we use it and why it's so important to understand this principles.  They have both been loving math this week, because I've made it fun.  It's exciting to watch them get this excited about this practical math project and everyday they have BEGGED to keep going.  Twice this week I asked where my real children had gone.  I mean seriously, more?

So today, feeling pretty proud of myself for my valiant math effort and the great progress we've made, I sat down to log hours and score other work; my son walks into the office and told me something.  Honestly, I can't even remember what now because the next question had me laughing so hard it didn't even matter what he had said in the beginning.  

"So Mom, is this more of that magical math or regular bookish math?"

What?!?!  Bookish??  Magical??  Well, once I got my laughing over with, I asked, "you mean practical math?"

He responds, "yes, practical math.  I like that math, I'm a practical kind of guy."

More laughing.

Then it hits me!  He can do it, but can't remember what it's called?!?

Maybe we should work more on vocabulary.   {wink}