Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Week One in Review

The 2011-2012 school year has begun at Principle Things. And all in all, it's been a good week.

We started out on Monday, going over the rules and expectations. Every year I tweak the rules a little so that it's not a boring list of do's and do nots. This year, because I have two younger ones, we have the Do Bee's. I am working on the bees to go up on our bulletin board and when I have it all done, I will post a picture.

Here is a recap of what each child had done this week:

Daniel: He has been rockin' preschool this week. He is learning to write his name, all the right letters in the right order. He is also working on numbers and writing them. Recognition he has down, but now we need to write, write, write.

Samuel: He is a quarter of the way through Kindergarten and he is doing very well. He has several words that he can read and we are flying through the work. He is doing 1st grade Math and he loves it!! He actually wants it to be harder.

Makiah: The school that sends her books has been a little backed up and her books haven't come in yet. So I have been pulling from the extra curriculum I have. We already had her Bible books and Literature and Creative Writing so she has been doing that. I also gave her a research project. First one ever. The topic is Missouri and she not only had to gather the information, she is making it into a lapbook and then she will do an oral presentation to the family and then at our community tutoring program that our church does every Tuesday. She has been busily working on that and she has had a great time doing it! She has already asked me what the next one will be.

As for me, I am adjusting to school life again and balancing that with house work. We will soon be fully back into a routine.

Check back next week for a special post about lapbooking!!

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