Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Pass the Play-Doh Please

My kids love play-doh. I mean love it. They could spend hours creating, squeezing, cutting, rolling and for Makiah, sculpting. Typically we use the play-doh at Makiah's break time.

Art time here at Principle Things consists of all different types of activities. Drawing and coloring are good sources, but for art time I like to do some different things. I like to have actual projects that require more thought and tactile abilities. Makiah is quite the artist. She draws amazingly well, she paints (on canvas) and she likes to actually sculpt things, actual things with play-doh. Here is a bird Makiah made yesterday. I was impressed. I know I am a little biased, but still she did a really good job. So good that I had to share.

So I have decided to get clay and let her make some projects. Here are a few of the projects I have lined up for them to do as part of art:

~~Shapes Collage (Sam)
~~Apple Pie Paintings--paint with apple slices
~~Leaf Collage
~~Fall Flower Collage (Makiah)
~~Clay Sculpting (some will be Christmas gifts for family and friends)
~~Sponge Painting
~~Columbus Day activities (here are a few)

These are just a few of things on the agenda. What art projects are you doing? Don't home school? You can still weigh in with what projects you are doing with your kiddos!

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