Monday, August 23, 2010

New School Year Begins!!

I know, its been a long time! I promised we did school, I just didn't blog about it. But here I am and ready to make a go at this year on the blogging!!

As every year of homeschooling, this year presents new challenges. Sam is four, he will be five in November. Technically not old enough to start Kindergarten. He is very, very smart but I have been a little concerned about his cooperation with sitting and learning. He proved me wrong today! So here's what we are doing:

Makiah~~She is starting fourth grade (we won't talk about how old that makes me feel) and she is excited to start this year. Her work load today was a lot of review. She has read 30 chapter books this summer (YAY!) and I am very proud of her for that. I'll post more about her work in a future post.

Sam~~We started his full curriculum today. I am using the preschool Brain Quest workbook and Brain Quest game. Today I wanted to really get a good feel for where we stand on number recognition, counting, letter recognition and comprehension of understanding directions. He ROCKED it. He recognized all the letters except he confused small case a, d and b. His number recognition is awesome! He did all of his workbook pages perfectly (even the ones I expected him to get a little confused on). Sam is also amazing at math. He can add and subtract very simple problems.

Daniel played at the table with us coloring, looking at his flash cards and looking at books. We had circle time that included a silly dance contest, we had morning devotions and we had a very successful first day!

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