Friday, August 27, 2010

One Week Down

We have completed our first week of school, successfully I might add! Here's a recap of our week:

~Sam is learning to sit and be schooled. This is a foreign concept to him. He is doing excellent. This has been a week of discovery for me. I have discovered that he knows so much more than we give him credit for (don't all parents). He is flying through what I thought would take us a semester. Sam also successfully memorized this weeks Bible verse. Hubs and I are kicking around the idea of going ahead and starting Kindergarten now.

~Makiah is doing review. After only being off for about five weeks we are revisiting multiplication tables and letter writing. She completed her 35th chapter book since the beginning of June. So proud of her. We hit on a series (American Girl Series) that she enjoys reading and it has just catapulted her into a love for reading! Thankfully! She is memorizing the books of the Bible and doing excellent on her Bible memory passages.

~Daniel has done better than I expected. He sits at the table with us and looks at his flash cards, colors, draws and plays with play doh. Occasionally he is a distraction, but he is two. It's practically his job to distract!! I also work with him on colors, shapes and counting.

~Science: our science experiment this week uses eggs. It is a seven day experiment and so we'll know our conclusion on Tuesday next week. They are loving looking at the eggs in the jar everyday and journaling the changes.

~Me: I still have all my hair and I can say what a great week!! I have already started my lesson plans for next week. I have also planned out our snacks and lunches on the calendar to help with grocery shopping tomorrow. Our theme this week was Rules, Rules, Rules. I did that to lay a good foundation of whats expected. The next two weeks will be Fruit of the Spirit. I am already getting the fruit ready to go.

I told Makiah a few weeks ago that this was going to be our best year yet of homeschooling and I intend on making that a reality! I am thankful for God's goodness and grace as we attempt to train up good, Godly, well educated children.

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