Tuesday, January 24, 2012

WHY? Sometimes I Need A Reminder

It is the spring semester of school. It is so hard to get back into the swing into things after the holidays and breaks. Even I have a hard time getting back into the groove of school. It's teacher mom confession time. ~Smile~ It's just a true, real statement. Anyway, I was in need of a boost and a fresh wave of inspiration for this semester.

This year we joined a homeschool group and honestly, besides the decision to homeschool, it was the best decision we have made. Besides all the fun activities and field trips there is a meeting once a month for the moms and/or dads. I look forward to this meeting every month. I need it. I need to be in a room full of people who face the same challenges and joys I do. Every. single. day. There is just something comforting about that. So last night was our January meeting. It was the biggest meeting of the year. . . the Annual Encouragement meeting. I am obviously not the only one to ever experience the second semester doldrums, otherwise the HELPS board would not have created such a meeting! Again, I find this comforting. I left last night feeling recharged and ready to go again. I mean we've been back at the homework helm for a few weeks, but not with much enthusiasm.

So last night one of the leaders read some funny things about homeschooling and some statistics and then asked us all to write down WHY we decided to homeschool in the first place. I wrote down four reasons, they were the primary reasons for homeschooling and they are in order of the most important reason to the least of the important reasons. ~Smile~

  1. Because we wanted to teach Biblical principles right along with core academics. We believe that the Biblical aspects of learning are just as important as learning to read, write and count.
  2. To chose what subjects, ideologies and topics are taught and at what age they will be taught.
  3. Because time with my children is short and I want to spend all the time I can with them.
  4. Safety. While I don't need to elaborate, I will. It is a post, right? I know we can't protect them from every terrible thing for their entire lives, but some things should not be experienced in elementary school (i.e., drugs, guns, child on child violence). I do not believe for one minute that this lends itself to being sheltered, I believe it protects them, while I am teaching them morals, values and standards and then when they are exposed to life they are prepared with the answers! Safety isn't just physical safety, it's spiritual, emotional and mental safety too. Okay, okay I'll jump off my soap box now.
Over the years more reasons have come along, they are really just the icing on the cake of reasons. . . for instance the liberty to travel whenever we feel like it without having to worry about notes and permission from the school. Another one being doing school in our pj's. You have no idea how much better it is to teach English or grade Math in pj's. . . really you don't. I know doing school in comfy clothes makes me a better teacher and a happier one for sure!

So while homeschooling comes with a plethora of challenges and some days I want to run to the nearest school and enroll them I wouldn't trade one day of homeschooling! Thank God for new mercies every morning that gives me hope for a better day if yesterday was not one for blogging about. Thank God for the strength to do ALL things THROUGH Him. Thank God for the freedom to choose. . . even when I have to sometimes remind myself WHY?

And yes, I changed the blog colors. . . I have spring on my mind!


  1. I've been reading back thru your posts on this blog, because I'm starting to think about homeschooling grandchildren.

  2. I am a homeschool mom of four and I enjoyed this post, although I think "safety" is more a benefit of homeschooling than a reason for it. You might like my blog as well. I am working on organizing it to separate homeschool entries from life in general entries. (I actually found this site from your other one.) Any advice would be appreciated and I look forward to reading more. I am not currently part of a homeschool coop, but thinking more about it as all my kids are elementary school age and a great time for field trips, too. Thanks for sharing!


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