Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Night of Shining Stars

Exciting times around Principle Things!!  Last night was Night of Shining Stars with our homeschool group.  Kids could participate in three different events.  The project fair, the art fair and a talent show.  Makiah participated in all three.  Sam had a project in the project fair.

It was so crazy getting everything done for the projects, but so very fun!  It was also really fun to see what all the other kids did and their creativity.

The talent show was heaps of fun!  The kids did amazing.  Some sang (Makiah did that), so quoted lines from Dr. Seuss, some did skits and the list goes on.  What an amazing group of children and teens!!

I love spending time around the other homeschool families.  You feel such a camaraderie knowing that they face similar issues, struggles and share the same type of joy.  The parents I am surrounded with amaze me.  Homeschooling isn't for the faint of heart and there are days when I think sending them off to school would be easier.  And it would.  But it isn't what we decided and feel is best for us.  So on those crazy days, I think of all the other homeschool parents.  And we press on.  Last night, seeing all the wonderful things I did, reassures that we are doing the right thing.  And makes it all worth while.  ~Smile~

Makiah with her project on Peter Cartwright, her photo and her hand sewn pillow!

 Sam with his project on Creation!

Makiah singing in the talent show.

I am extremely proud of my kiddos!  Now time to get busy on the rest of the work for the year.

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